Find out if there’s a Living Wage campaign group near you using the map.

Since 2001, Citizens UK and its civil society leaders have led the UK Living Wage campaign.

They’ve taken action and won wages across the country – and now, you can join with them by becoming a Living Wage campaign group, working in partnership with the Foundation.

Use the map below to see if there’s a group in your area, including their contact details.

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Use our resources to start your own group, plan your actions and arm yourself with the Living Wage facts.

Downloadable resources:

Our comprehensive action guide tells you everything you need to know about becoming a Living Wage campaign group:

These are the two agreements you’ll sign if you’d like to become a Living Wage campaign group:

If you’re speaking with, or writing to, employers, these will come in handy:

And here are some handy downloadable flyers and calling cards to help you take action:

Are you starting a new campaign group? Or do you need more help on how to set one up?

If you’ve read the action guide and agreements and you’re getting going – or if you still have questions – email [email protected] and we’ll help you out.