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Living Wage Week 2015

In November 2015, we kicked off the Living Wage People’s Movement by running a national week of action with over 40 events happening across the UK and major national media coverage achieved.



The first week of November is Living Wage Week when we announce the new rates and celebrate those employers doing the right thing.

It’s all about people taking action to raise awareness of the Living Wage and encourage more employers to step up.

What happened in your area this November?

2nd November 2015: morning


  • Where: KPMG
  • When: 08.30-10.00am
  • What: Unveiling the new UK Living Wage rate with Birmingham Citizens.
  • Hosted by: KPMG, Invitation Only


  • Where: outside Ikea Cardiff
  • When: 08.00-10.30am
  • What: Unveiling the new UK Living Wage rate with First Minister Carwyn Jones and Ikea co-workers.
  • Hosted by: Citizens Cymru Wales


  • Where: Central Sussex College
  • When: 9:30-10:00
  • What: Living Wage Accreditation Celebration
  • Hosted by: Central Sussex College and Crawley Borough Council Invitation Only


  • Where: Linklaters LLP
  • When: 08.30-10.00am
  • What: Unveiling the new London Living Wage rate with Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, Living Wage employers, the Living Wage Foundation and Citizens UK leaders.
  • Hosted by: Linklaters LLP, Invitation Only


  • Where: Media City Campus, University of Salford
  • When: 08.15-11.30am
  • What: Unveiling the new UK Living Wage rate with speakers from the Chamber of Commerce, local authorities, businesses and the campaign.
  • Hosted by: Greater Manchester Living Wage; see the GMLW site here


  • Where: Norwich City Hall
  • When: 09.30-11.00am
  • What: Unveiling the new UK Living Wage rate with the Lord Mayor and Sheriff.
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Norwich, Invitation Only


  • Where: The Hub, Edgehill University
  • When: 11.00am-14.00pm
  • What: Stall
  • Hosted by: Paul Bunyan

2nd November 2015: afternoon


  • Where: St George’s Crypt
  • When: 13.00-16.00
  • What: Presenting awards to Living Wage employers and leaders in the region, and holding a discussion with industry experts on issues around low pay. Lunch provided.
  • Hosted by: Leeds Citizens, Invitation Only


  • Where: Venue tbc, Greenwich
  • When: 14.00-16.00
  • What: Celebrating local Living Wage employers
  • Hosted by: Royal Borough of Greenwich and Greenwich Citizens


  • Where: Council Chamber, Croydon Town Hall
  • When: 18.30-20.00
  • What: A learning session on the London Living Wage for local people – hear the story of the LLW, how it’s being adopted in Croydon and what you can do to take action.
  • Hosted by: Cllr Jamie Audsley and Croydon Citizens – find out more and get your ticket here


  • Where: Yarrow Room, Lewes Town Hall
  • When: 17.00-19.00
  • What: Learn about the Living Wage and why it will benefit the community with local councillors.  Refreshments available.
  • Hosted by: Lewes Living Wage

3rd November 2015: morning

Milton Keynes

  • Where: Christ the Cornerstone Church
  • When: 08.30-09.30am
  • What: a faith breakfast to celebrate the Living Wage
  • Hosted by: Milton Keynes Citizens

3rd November 2015: afternoon


  • Where: Aviva
  • When: 12.00-14.00
  • What: Living Wage celebratory lunch
  • Hosted by: Aviva in association with Living Wage Norwich, Invitation Only


  • Where: Cambridge City Council
  • When: 12.00-15.00
  • What: Making the Living Wage work for Cambridge employers – an academic panel discussion
  • Hosted by: Cambridge City Council


  • Where: The Curve, The Forum
  • When: 19.00-21.00
  • What: Question Time style debate on low pay in the care sector
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Norwich


  • Where: TBC
  • When: 19.00-20.30
  • What: Living Wage accreditation reception to celebrate Scottish Living Wage Employers, with Roseanna Cunningham, Cabinet Secretary for Fair Work, Skills and Training, Scottish Government.
  • Hosted by: Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative, Invitation Only


  • Where: TBC
  • When: 19.30-20.30
  • What: A panel discussion on the Living Wage movement in Oxford, with a speaker from the Living Wage Foundation. Organised by Oxford University students.
  • Hosted by: Oxford University students


  • Where: University of Manchester Students’ Union
  • When: from 18.30
  • What: Hear about the Living Wage after a day long exhibition in the SU.
  • Hosted by: UoM Living Wage

4th November 2015: morning


  • Where: Skelmersdale Community Centre
  • When: 10.00-12.30
  • What: Hear about how the Living Wage can boost businesses in Lancashire and learn about ways to get involved.
  • To book a place: E-mail Paul Bunyan ([email protected]) or Helen Jones ([email protected]).


  • Where: SPS101, Social Sciences Dept, Edgehill University
  • When: from 14.00
  • What: Seminar: challenging in-work poverty
  • Hosted by: Social Sciences Dept

4th November 2015: afternoon


  • Where: Parliament
  • When: 15.00-16.30
  • What: The Living Wage Foundation will be holding a Living Wage Marketplace in Parliament with Living Wage employers displaying their produce; beer, wine, cheese, jewellery and much more.
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Foundation and APPG on Poverty, Invitation Only


  • Where: City Hall
  • When: 15.00-18.00
  • What: Hear from businesses and public sector organisations that have introduced the London Living Wage to learn how they overcame the challenges of implementing it and find out more about the business benefits of paying the wage.
  • Hosted by: Fiona Twycross AM; register for a space here.


  • Where: Association of Charitable Foundations Annual Conference
  • When: 15.45-17.15
  • What:This workshop is part of the ACF annual conference 2015, with speakers from the Living Wage Foundation, People’s Health Trust and Comic Relief. It is an opportunity for funders to learn about promoting the Living Wage through grant-making.
  • Hosted by: ACF Conference


  • Where: TBC
  • When: 17.00-20.00
  • What: A celebration of Living Wage Employers in Southwark.
  • Hosted by: Southwark Council and Southwark Citizens, Invitation Only


  • Where: City Hall
  • When: 18.00-19.00
  • WhatLiving Wage Norwich present Stewart Lansley, author of The Cost of Inequality, who will be giving a talk and signing books.
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Norwich

5th November 2015: morning

Milton Keynes

  • Where: Dentons Solicitors
  • When: 08.30-09.30am
  • What: A networking breakfast for businesses about the Living Wage.
  • Hosted by: Milton Keynes Citizens


  • Where: Islington Town Hall
  • When: 09.30-11.30am
  • What: The Islington Refugee Forum will hear from members about their service users’ experiences of low pay and how the Living Wage might be a useful tool for them.
  • Hosted by: Islington Refugee Forum

5th November 2015: afternoon


  • Where: TBC
  • When: 14.00-15.30
  • What: A celebration of Living Wage employers in Lambeth.
  • Hosted by: Lambeth Council and Lambeth Citizens


  • Where: Brent Civic Centre
  • When: 15.00-15.30
  • What: A Living Wage ceremony with Brent councillors, Ark Academy schoolchildren and workers who’ve recently received the Living Wage.
  • Hosted by: Brent Citizens and Brent Council, Invitation Only


  • Where: undisclosed
  • When: 18.00-21.00
  • What: A celebration of Living Wage Service Providers working with the Foundation.
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Foundation, Invitation Only

6th November 2015: morning


  • Where: Beamish Museum
  • When: 09.00-11.00
  • What: A celebration of Living Wage employers in the North East with breakfast and a tour of the Beamish Museum.
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Foundation and Hodgson Sayers, Invitation Only


  • Where: TBC
  • When: 10.00-11.30
  • What: Angela Rayner MP will be hosting a roundtable discussion with local employers. Special guests: Councillor Kieran Quinn, Ben Gilchrist of CVAT, Ikea Store Manager Martyn Allan and Tom Skinner from the Greater Manchester Living Wage Campaign.
  • Hosted by: Angela Rayner MP

6th November 2015: afternoon


  • Where: Nottingham University
  • When: from 13.00
  • What: A celebration of the Living Wage.
  • Hosted by: Nottingham University and Nottingham Citizens


  • Where: Farmers Arms, St Merryn
  • When: 18.30-21.00
  • What: A celebration of Living Wage employers in Cornwall.


  • Where: RISC, RG1 4PS
  • When: from 19.00
  • What: Screening of film The Divide, all about our entrenched inequality.
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Reading – email [email protected]

7th November 2015: morning


  • Where: outside Sports Direct
  • When: daytime
  • What: Street stall
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Reading – email [email protected]


  • Where: town centre
  • When: daytime
  • What: Street stall
  • Hosted by: Living Wage Horsham

In Scotland? Check out the full listings from the Scottish Living Wage Accreditation Initiative here.

But of course, this week is just the beginning. Click the circles to the left to take action with us and help pull more people out of poverty.