Governor Murphy Establishes “Day of the Girl” to Promote Gender Equality in New Jersey

Governor Phil Murphy has signed a joint resolution, SJR21/AJR167, officially designating October 11th of each year as the “Day of the Girl” in New Jersey. This significant resolution aims to raise public awareness about the “International Day of the Girl Child” and rally support from residents and community-based organizations to improve the lives of girls and provide them with equal opportunities to achieve their full potential. By signing this joint resolution, Governor Murphy reaffirms his administration’s unwavering commitment to promoting the participation, inclusion, and empowerment of girls and women in all spheres of society.

Governor Murphy expressed his pride in the accomplishments achieved thus far and emphasized the ongoing work to ensure that every girl and young woman in New Jersey understands that her future is boundless. In the fight against gender-based discrimination, it is crucial to raise awareness about the numerous injustices faced by girls globally. Establishing the “Day of the Girl” in New Jersey serves as a renewed commitment to dismantling barriers and allocating the necessary resources to empower the nation’s future leaders with the tools they need to succeed.

Lt. Governor Sheila Oliver echoed the importance of initiatives like the “Day of the Girl” in addressing existing inequities and empowering girls to advocate for equal opportunities, particularly in education. By shedding light on these disparities, girls are encouraged to take pride in their identity and dream big, understanding that their aspirations can lead to significant achievements.

First Lady Tammy Murphy emphasized the state’s dedication to creating an environment where girls and women thrive in every field, ranging from business to sports, academia, politics, medicine, innovation, and beyond. While significant progress has been made in areas such as pay equity, representation, and inclusion, there is still work to be done to eradicate gender discrimination fully. The establishment of the “Day of the Girl” presents a vital opportunity for New Jersey to elevate these important issues and continue moving forward towards achieving complete gender equality.

Governor Murphy’s support for the “Day of the Girl” further solidifies New Jersey’s commitment to fostering a society where girls are empowered, valued, and provided with equal opportunities to succeed. This joint resolution serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts required to create a more equitable and inclusive future for all residents of the state.

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