Governor Murphy Sets Stage for Nomination of Michael Noriega to New Jersey Supreme Court

In a significant announcement, Governor Phil Murphy revealed his intention to nominate Michael Noriega to the New Jersey Supreme Court, aiming to fill the seat left vacant by Associate Justice Barry Albin, who retired upon reaching the mandatory age of 70 on July 7, 2022. The nomination will undergo an initial review by the New Jersey State Bar Association’s Judicial and Prosecutorial Appointments Committee before the Governor proceeds with a formal nomination, which will then be subject to advice and consent in the Senate.

Recognizing the profound impact that the Supreme Court’s appointees can have on the state’s future, Governor Murphy expressed his confidence in Michael Noriega’s qualifications and potential contributions. Noriega, a former public defender and highly esteemed criminal defense and immigration law attorney in New Jersey, brings extensive trial experience and a deep understanding of the legal system to the judiciary. The Governor emphasized Noriega’s character, integrity, and unwavering commitment to pursuing justice, making him an ideal candidate for the highest court in the state.

Lieutenant Governor Sheila Oliver praised Noriega’s dedication to serving vulnerable individuals, particularly immigrants navigating the complexities of the legal system. Oliver emphasized the sacred responsibility of the New Jersey Supreme Court in safeguarding the rights of state residents and expressed confidence that Noriega’s unique perspective and experiences will contribute to the court’s continued commitment to protecting those rights.

Responding to his nomination, Michael Noriega expressed profound gratitude for the opportunity to serve on the esteemed New Jersey Supreme Court. Recognizing the court’s national recognition for its intellectual rigor and progressive decisions, Noriega pledged to uphold the court’s long-standing tradition. He expressed his appreciation to Governor Murphy for the remarkable honor and extended his thanks to his family, friends, and colleagues who have shaped his life and career. Noriega also expressed gratitude to Senator Bramnick for his supportive remarks during the announcement and conveyed his appreciation to the entire Senate for their time and consideration of his nomination.

Governor Murphy’s nomination of Michael Noriega sets the stage for an important appointment to the New Jersey Supreme Court, a decision that will shape the state’s legal landscape for years to come. With Noriega’s extensive experience and steadfast commitment to justice, his potential confirmation promises to bring a fresh perspective to the court and contribute to its enduring legacy.

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