Jefferson Diner Named Most Kid-Friendly Restaurant in New Jersey by Food Network

Selecting the perfect family-friendly restaurant for an outing with the kids can be a challenging task. Fortunately, the Food Network has recently unveiled its list of the most kid-friendly restaurants in each state, and New Jersey has its own standout. Tucked away in Lake Hopatcong, the Jefferson Diner has captured the attention of both locals and tourists alike.

The Food Network’s comprehensive selection process took into account various factors, ranging from the design of the children’s menu to the food options and the service staff. In the Garden State, the spotlight fell on this family-owned establishment that has also been featured on the popular show “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.”

Describing itself as a place where friends and family come together, the Jefferson Diner has been serving customers since 1985, maintaining a retro diner atmosphere that appeals to all ages. The restaurant’s staff is particularly skilled at catering to children, ensuring they are entertained while parents enjoy their meals.

Located near Lake Hopatcong, the diner attracts tourists from both New York City and Philadelphia, seeking an authentic New Jersey dining experience. To enhance the family-friendly environment, the Jefferson Diner recently introduced an outdoor seating area, allowing families to enjoy their meals in a comfortable setting.

Upon perusing the Jefferson Diner’s extensive menu, guests will find an array of colorful options, spanning an impressive 20 pages. The menu proudly showcases family-themed photos that depict the rich history of this New Jersey culinary gem. Notably, the diner has been voted as the “Best Diner” by its loyal patrons.

For children, the diner offers a dedicated menu featuring 12 options, each named after an animal. A popular choice is the “Tiger,” which includes a jumbo hot dog accompanied by a side of fries. Each kids’ meal comes with an ice cream or jello dessert and a small drink.

In addition to the animal-themed options, children can always opt for the classic pancakes available on the breakfast menu, which is served all day. With 14 different variations of pancakes to choose from, there is something to satisfy every young appetite.

If you’re in search of a traditional New Jersey restaurant that caters to families and offers a delightful dining experience, the Jefferson Diner is undoubtedly worth a visit. Its warm atmosphere, diverse menu, and commitment to providing exceptional service make it a top choice for families seeking a memorable meal outing.

New Jersey Launches “Click It or Ticket” Campaign to Promote Seatbelt Use

New Jersey has kicked off its annual “Click It or Ticket” campaign, intensifying efforts to ensure drivers and passengers buckle up for safety. The initiative, which runs from May 22 to June 4, aims to curb reckless driving and promote the well-being of everyone on the road. As part of this campaign, local police departments across the state will receive $800,000 in funding to enhance seatbelt enforcement.

The state’s Attorney General’s office emphasizes a strict approach to seatbelt enforcement, leaving no room for excuses. Violators can face a maximum penalty of a $46 fine, a measure intended to underscore the importance of seatbelt compliance.

The decision to launch “Click It or Ticket” stems from alarming statistics revealing the dire consequences of neglecting seatbelt use. According to data from the Division of Highway and Traffic Safety, 47% of all people killed in motor vehicle crashes in New Jersey were not wearing seatbelts. Tragically, in 2021 alone, 160 unrestrained individuals lost their lives in roadway accidents across the state.

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