Senate Republicans Speak Out Against Proposed Congestion Prices, Call for the Passage of the Automated Enforcement Inoculation Act

In a united front, Senate Republicans have expressed their concerns over the proposed increase in commuter prices, particularly the congestion prices in Manhattan. Senator Declan O’Scanlon, a prominent voice in this opposition, urged fellow lawmakers to swiftly pass the Automated Enforcement Inoculation Act. This legislation aims to protect New Jersey drivers from facing exorbitant fines for out-of-state traffic violations.

Senator O’Scanlon (R-13) emphasized the detrimental impact that these measures would have on New Jersey drivers, labeling them as attempts by out-of-state politicians to burden travelers and profit from their expenses. Drawing attention to the bipartisan efforts that successfully fought against camera-enforced violations in New Jersey, O’Scanlon pointed out that such practices were essentially government-sanctioned theft. While numerous states have rejected similar corrupt schemes, New York has chosen to implement them, and even go further with the introduction of unreasonable congestion price taxes.

By advocating for the passage of the Automated Enforcement Inoculation Act, O’Scanlon urged both Republicans and Democrats to stand together in deterring one of the many invasive and unjust taxes that New York State seeks to impose on New Jersey families.

The proposed legislation, S-460, aims to safeguard New Jersey drivers by prohibiting the disclosure of their personal information by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and other state entities. This measure would prevent another state from imposing or collecting fines for alleged violations captured by automated camera ticketing systems.

Echoing the sentiments of Senate Republicans, O’Scanlon criticized the plans for congestion prices in Manhattan, dismissing them as ill-conceived. He argued that while New York lawmakers may claim environmental benefits as the motivation behind congestion rates and toll increases, it is, in reality, a corrupt scheme to extract more money from hard-working commuters.

To protect the rights and financial well-being of New Jerseyans, O’Scanlon urged the swift passage of the Automated Enforcement Inoculation Act. By doing so, lawmakers can close the door on cities and companies seeking to impose predatory fines and unjust taxes on New Jersey residents when they are outside the state.

The fate of the proposed legislation now lies in the hands of New Jersey lawmakers, who will determine whether to prioritize the interests of their constituents and safeguard them from burdensome fines and taxes imposed by neighboring states.

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