Emergency Closure of Main Street Bridge in Burlington County Comes to an End

After an extended period of closure that began in late March, the Main Street Bridge has finally reopened for motorists. The bridge, which spans the north branch of the Pennsauken Creek, is a vital thoroughfare that sees over 12,000 vehicles crossing it daily.

The closure was ordered by the Burlington County Engineer’s Office on March 30 after determining that the bridge had become “structurally unsafe.” However, following extensive emergency repairs, it has now been deemed safe for motor-vehicle traffic, as confirmed by recent testing.

The Burlington County Engineer’s Office will continue to closely monitor the bridge and assess the need for further repairs and maintenance. The Main Street Bridge, one of the oldest spans in Burlington County, was originally built in 1900 and reconstructed in 1930.

County Engineer Joseph Brickley emphasized the priority placed on reopening the bridge safely and swiftly, stating, “Getting the bridge back open safely as expeditiously as possible was our top priority. We successfully completed that task, but we will keep a close watch to see what additional work might be appropriate.”

The decision to close the bridge in late March was made after damage to the bridge pilings was discovered during unrelated repair work. The extent of the damage, which was located below the water line, came to light when the creek water level was lowered for the initial maintenance operations.

The County Construction Services team faced several challenges during the repairs, including heavy rainfall in late April and May that necessitated additional drainage measures beneath the bridge. Despite these setbacks, the construction team has now successfully concluded the necessary repairs, allowing for the reopening of the bridge.

Looking ahead, the construction team will shift their focus to the Forklanding Road Bridge in Cinnaminson, with work scheduled to commence next week. The start of the project was postponed earlier this month to avoid potential traffic disruptions caused by having two nearby bridges closed simultaneously. The closure of the one-lane Forklanding Road Bridge is anticipated to last approximately eight weeks.

Motorists can now breathe a sigh of relief as the Main Street Bridge resumes its crucial role in facilitating smooth and safe transportation in Burlington County.

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